Our vision is to be a recognized global leader in bringing specialty additives,
intermediates, performance enhancers and process aids to customers through unique
chemistries and application expertise.

Our mission is to help customers deliver enhanced product performance and improved
process performance.

ANGUS is the world's only company dedicated to nitroalkanes and their derivatives. For more than 70 years, ANGUS has been helping customers with our unique and proprietary chemistry. Because our chemistries are so versatile, we are able to tailor our products to solve the challenges of formulators in a wide variety of industries.

Solving challenges related to reducing the environmental footprint of chemical manufacturing and production, ANGUS is a Responsible Care Member Company and has made a commitment to the Responsible Care Guiding Principles.

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Over the years, customers have come to know us as the only fine and specialty chemicals supplier that can uncover the precise solutions for their formulation challenges. We offer almost limitless ways to help the best perform better—all while doing so responsibly and sustainably.

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ANGUS Guiding Principles
ANGUS Sustainability Policy
ANGUS Quality Policy