ANGUS’ new VOLTAN family of electronics-grade chemical additives, derived from our unique nitroalkane chemistries, help formulators create products that perform better, and more responsibly, in precise cleaning and rinsing operations during electronic product manufacturing.

ANGUS offers chemicals with favorable environmental, health and safety (EHS) profiles, unique products that are sourced by a reliable global supply chain—ensuring quality control and security of supply across every link in the chain. ANGUS provides amino alcohols and hydroxylamines that have a range of purity levels with varying selectivity on metals content—and compatibility with many metals including copper, cobalt and more.

With an array of purities, pKa's and solubilities, ANGUS enhances formulators’ capabilities with electronics-grade chemicals featuring targeted performance attributes that meet specific requirements. Our experts work closely with formulators to find solutions that ensure the highly sensitive electronic materials their manufacturing customers care about are left intact during their cleaning and rinsing processes.

The introduction of our VOLTAN line is just one example of our demonstrated ability to make new molecules to meet your exacting demands—now and in the future—with discrete step-wise chemical properties allowing electronic cleaning and rinsing formulations to be their most effective.

High purity solutions Favorable EHS profiles Wide property spectrum
Ideal for precise cleaning and rinsing operations essential to manufacturing of advanced electronic products Designed to comply with strict environmental, health and safety standards and regulations worldwide Offers extensive coverage of pKa, solubility and other physical chemical properties for use in:
  • Applications such as CMP and post-CMP cleaning
  • Stripping of organic substances and inorganic residues
  • Rinses and strippers for ultra high definition large screen flat panel displays with lower copper corrosion