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Supporting an array of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agriculture markets, ANGUS Life Sciences provides the high-quality buffers, biochemicals, biomolecules and intermediates you need most, through cGMP-compliant manufacturing facilities and traceable supply chains. With our deep application and chemistry expertise, we partner with you in helping develop winning products, shape successful launches and achieve faster time-to-market—all while building in optimized cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Our dedication to providing the best products for your pharmaceutical and biotechnology R&D, scale-up and production needs is more than just an ongoing commitment at ANGUS Life Sciences. It’s what we do.

ANGUS Life Sciences is dedicated to delivering the highest quality, reliable products and services, traceable and auditable supply chains, as well as an ongoing collaboration focused on putting your needs first. As part of our offering, we also provide additional resources, including special testing, custom blending and specialized packaging—key foundational support systems for the formulation, manufacturing and delivery of successful life sciences product lines.

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Understand the variables involved in selecting the right buffer and buffer supplier to ensure success in your biomanufacturing processes

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