Trometamol Tris




Learn how a secure, 100% traceable supply chain of TRIS AMINO buffers can improve your biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.
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Is your Tris (trometamol, tris) supply secure and sustainable? Is it always there when needed? Can it be relied upon to meet the most stringent global compliance standards?

Having confidence in the security of supply is of utmost importance for biopharmaceutical manufacturers – and ANGUS Life Sciences never lets customers down. It’s all made possible by an ongoing commitment to everything from fully traceable raw materials and on-site production to stringent specifications of all key reagents used in TRIS AMINO production.

ANGUS Life Sciences is the world’s only fully integrated manufacturer of Tris buffer (also known as: THAM, Tris base, tris (hydroxymethyl) aminomethane, 2-Amino-2-(hydroxymethyl)-1,3-propanediol, Trometamol, tris, CAS 77-86-1).

Supported by dedicated regulatory and technical expertise, unyielding attention to sound environmental stewardship, and satisfying the most stringent global compliance standards, ANGUS Life Sciences produces chemistries the right way—empowering customers to do business the best way.


Sustainable Tris Chemical Manufacturing

ANGUS Life Sciences applies the same energy to being a responsible steward of the planet as they do to security of TRIS AMINO chemical supply. It’s why ANGUS is a Responsible Care Member Company committed to their guiding principles.

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In addition to the commitment to protecting the environment, ANGUS is also actively engaged in promoting the health and safety of employees, operations, and the communities where we manufacture and market our products—continuously improving our EH&S management systems and the environmental impact of our processes and products.


Where Reliability Lives

ANGUS Life Sciences ensures customers’ security of supply for TRIS is all encompassing through manufacturing facilities located in the U.S. and Europe—with certifications ensuring quality assurance and quality control, plus the best-in-class manufacturing efficiency and productivity.

Our locations are all cGMP-compliant, with ISO 9001:2008 certifications in Niagara Falls, New York; Sterlington, Louisiana; and Ibbenbüren, Germany, along with being certified as ISO 50001 Energy Efficiency in Ibbenbüren.

Tris Buffer Traceability Means Control

Few things are more important to biopharmaceutical manufacturers than a reliable supply chain. Understanding this, ANGUS Life Sciences provides customers the confidence that only comes from working with the world’s only integrated Tris buffer and trometamol manufacturer—offering a supply chain with 100% traceability, with all key reagents produced on site to stringent specifications and a clear line of sight back to base materials, for our TRIS AMINO buffers.

Tightly Controlled Manufacturing Ensures Quality and Performance

Tightly controlled manufacturing

ANGUS Life Sciences offers high-quality TRIS AMINO to deliver key performance advantages with chemical stabilization in aqueous solutions and mild alkalinity for buffering at physiological pH ranges. Further, TRIS AMINO is a key product for biotechnology applications, such as a processing buffer used in the purification of biological molecules.

A variety of grades of TRIS AMINO have been developed, allowing you to choose options designed to match your exact requirements.

Whatever the needs are, wherever they are located, customers count on ANGUS Life Sciences and TRIS AMINO to make sure that their objectives are reliably met from end-to-end.